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by Veikko Niemi

Program calculates with big numbers (I have tested with 40 000 numbers long) without normal calculation order doing it directly from left to right. You may refer to previous answers by index. Type index and the #A instead of a number. You may also save log to clipboard when you want to or when finishing by Finish button. Works fine in Windows, Mac and Linux.

Big numbers calculator

You can run my program directly from Calc_en.jar if you have java runtime package JRE, which is very commonly used on Internet and nearly everyone has it on her/his PC. You can get JRE if you need it. You don't need to know if your PC has JRE, just try to run my program from .jar file.

You must know that I can't take the liability of possible damages that this piece of software possibly causes to you or anyone using it, although I have made this software in as good purpose and knowledge as possible. Download: Calc_2011-04-24_en. Unzip .zip file and double click .jar file to start executing.

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